Interlake High School Speech and Debate Team

Who Are the Coaches?

There are many people who help out the Interlake Speech and Debate Team.  The head coaches are Lisa Weber and Steve Rowe.  In addition we have some assistant coaches and others who are affiliated with the team who help us out regularly.

Head Coaches

Lisa Weber

Lisa debated for Capital High School in Olympia, WA.  She was an assistant coach at Newport High School.  Lisa has been at Interlake for 2 years.

Steve Rowe

Steve debated for Puyallup High School and then Whitman College.  He was an assistant coach for the University of Puget Sound.  Steve has been at Interlake for 5 years.

Assitant Coaches

Lukas Garcia: Public Forum

Affiliated Coaches

Jazmine Pickens, Rennie Pasquinelli, Tony Hackett

Coach Emeritus

Sue Mohn: Sue started the team in the 2011-2012 school year and was head coach for 4 years.  She still helps out the team occasionally.